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With people now living 20 or more years into their retirement, a reverse mortgage has become more of an income planning tool for some and a lifeline cash source for others.

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What Is A Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional?

A Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional (CRMP) is a mortgage professional who demonstrates exceptional knowledge and competency in the area of reverse mortgages and who are dedicated to maintaining the highest professional and ethical principles.

There are fewer than 200 Certified Reverse Mortgage Professionals in the country and we at Reverse Mortgage Professionals are proud that we have two CRMP accredited loan officers.

The CRMP is governed by the Independent Certification Committee and administered by the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association.  Obtaining CRMP credentials includes a strict eligibility process with a rigorous examination for competency and knowledge plus ongoing testing.

The company NMLS # is 138063.

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Bill Nass, Vice President, CRMP, NMLS #209618

Lisa Nass, CRMP, NMLS #366623